In the beginning, there were stubborn doors…

Like the age-old story of products invented to solve one problem and ended up solving many, our story began with beverage trucks and their stubborn doors. A North Carolina truck body manufacturer James Hackney was experiencing an issue with beverage truck beds and rollup doors being difficult to open. He found that lubricants on the market worked well on the hard steel sections of the truck, but they deteriorated sections that were made of softer aluminum. Seeking help from experts in the N.C. Research Triangle, he developed a highly-effective, non-toxic lubricant with many versatile applications. We’ve since found a myriad of uses for this liquid miracle! From that point, other non-toxic products were invented using innovative soy and citrus-based chemistry. We were pleased to discover a solution to tackle one of the golf world's most difficult tasks: removing stubborn turf pigment from golf carts, sprayers, mowers, fences, sprinkler heads, yardage markers…and even from hands and turf dog paws!

We’re problem solvers, like you

Golf course superintendents and equipment managers are adept at finding new ways to solve old problems around the course and their maintenance shops. We admire that ingenuity and share an innovative mindset! What began as one breakthrough product - Turf Techno Turf Pigment Cleaner - has expanded into a growing family of exceptionally effective and bio-safe cleaning products, lubricants and degreasers. Our American-made cleaners are both soy and citrus-based, require little to no water for cleanup, and are safe on all surfaces, including skin. We’ve also become your go-to source for all things turf colorant. We offer a wide array of organic Endurant paints, as well as a patented removable spray boom called Quick Boom.

Turf Techno is a division of LQFX Technologies.